We dive into the fascinating universe of First Leap to meet its funny characters. From Rock, the karate crocodile, to Leap, our protagonist rabbit, we will meet these friendly friends and their incredible adventures. We designed the institutional characters and developed all the audiovisual pieces for First Leap, the largest English teaching institute for children in China.


Client: First Leap
Direction: Ronda
Production: Ronda
Animation Direction: Ronda
Art Direction: Santiago Graziano / Gabriel Fermanelli / Maria Pia Castro
Character Design: Gabriel Fermanelli / Maria Pia Castro
Animatics: Gabriel Fermanelli
Animation: Fernán Graziano / Matias Fernandez / Ruben Stremiz
Model & Rigging: Matias Fernandez / Ruben Stremiz
Render & Lighting: Miguel Cesti
Audio & sound design: Naranja y verde