Anything Cartoon Network

The new Cartoon Network app has arrived and all the characters of its amazing world start to fight for the tablet to enter and have fun with the exclusive contents of Cartoon Network Anything. We made the commercial for the launching of the app.
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Client: Cartoon Network
Direction: Ronda / Rudo Co.
Art Direction: Gastón Pacheco
Animation Direction:
Production: Ronda
Layouts: Gastón Pacheco
Animatics: Rudo Co.
Animation: Ezequiel Torres, Valentina Candia, Martin Gil, Lucia Castez, Micaela Gabot
Cleanup: Valentina Candia, David Lopez, Jesica Bianchi, Daniela Donato, Melisa Pereyra, Juliana Gorgati, Jorge Cuellar
Composition: Santiago Graziano
Audio & sound design: Facundo Capece
Cartoon Network Credits:
Creative writer: Ana Sieglitz
Creative director: Hernán La Greca
Production manager: Andrés Reid